Survival in the auto industry is always about constant change in the technology. It’s all upgrade, upgrade and more upgrade. After the AUDI’s LED craze started hitting the crowd, many auto makers made a run for their money. BMW has already overtaken them into the future with the revolutionary LASER headlights. As already seen on the i8, it’s definitely the future for head lights. Lasers are brighter, more efficient than the conventional LED’s as it’s about 1000 times brighter and about 100 times smaller. In tech language LED’s produce 100 lumens per watt, while lasers generate 170 lumens per watt. To back it up, these lasers are loaded with features to make it inevitable. BMW have already started using the “Adaptive Headlights”, which illuminates the corners according to the steering position. This technology can be used greatly with laser head lights. Other technologies which can be used with laser are “Anti-dazzle High- Beam Assistant”, which helps the oncoming cars by changing the pattern of the light, and “Dynamic Light Spot” -marker light system that automatically illuminates pedestrians, thereby guiding the driver’s attention. With the life of about 10,000hrs, these laser diodes will surely be there till the life of the car.

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